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  Haitian Support Alliance, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the physical, medical, educational, and spiritual needs of those in Haiti.  The Haitian Support Alliance was formed as an outgrowth of the service work being done through the Bristol, VA-TN Rotary Club in order to further engage other civic clubs, churches, and organizations in their continued service work. As our name indicates, we represent multiple organizations and individuals who are working together to provide support to those who are ministering directly to people in need in Haiti. The Board and staff of Haitian Support Alliance are professionals who serve on a strictly volunteer basis and receive no compensation for doing so.  The Board and Staff are dedicated to directing the Haitian Support Alliance to seek methods to maximize the impact of the resources with which they are entrusted. This begins with a commitment of 100% of the donations made to reach those in Haiti in need. We are able to do this through a private corporate sponsorship which covers the minimal administrative costs of the organization.  When donors make a contribution to the Haitian Support Alliance, they can be assured that none of their funds will be used for any other purpose than what they have directed. We are based out of Bristol, Tennessee.   

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